What Creative Business Can I Start for Under $100

Imagine starting a side hustle with your creative skills that generates cash every single month.

Even better, imagine building a side hustle that costs you $100 a less to start.

The reality is that there are tons of side hustles that you can start today, and honestly, they won’t cost even close to $100. Many of them can be started for free!

In this article, I’m going to share with you seven side hustles you can start for next to nothing that can make you money every month.

Sell Products on a Marketplace

Designers, illustrators, and business owners are regularly on the lookout for creative resources that will save them time and money.

For example, my friend Lisa Glanz sells hand drawn fonts and portrait and character creators.

By purchasing one of Lisa’s fonts and a character creator and Etsy seller can create a line of products quickly that are unlike anyone else’s. Lisa sells fonts for around $19 and her character creator for $29-$49.

That means for less than $100 a new Etsy seller can be up and running with some great looking art on their products.

Lisa makes some fast money with minimal effort (after the product she’s selling has been created) and her customers get a solution to their problem at a great price.

Here’s some marketplaces you can get started selling your products:

Creative Market


The Hungry JPEG

Price to Start Business

Only time and a copy of Adobe Illustrator which can be purchased via subscription which can currently be purchased for as little as $20.99.

Teach a Course

Creating a course can be extremely profitable and costs little money to do.