Assume the Hand is Empty

Assume the Hand is Empty

Sometimes life seems very much like the “Which Hand Is It In?” game that we play with children.

We ball our hands into fists and children get excited trying to guess which hand the prize is in.

And when the hand is finally open, it’s empty. We realize the game was not to choose the correct hand. The game was the act of playing and choosing any hand.

This idea was initially presented to me by Alan Watts. But the idea resonates more as I apply it to the things I desire in life.

We chase after money. We chase after fame, admiration, and respect. We go to the gym to make perfect bodies.

But when we finally get the things we want, we get very much the same feeling we do in a game of “Which Hand Is It In?”

We realize more joy came from playing the game than opening the hand. And in some cases, we hated the game so much that we’re left with only an emptiness and regret that we even played the game at all.

Take part in the game. But be sure it’s a game you want to play.

Assume the hand is empty.

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