Counterfeit Diamond

Counterfeit Diamond

This diamond isn’t real.

I mean. Yeah, it’s an illustration.

But it’s also not a real illustration.

I got lazy and made a Frankenstein diamond.

Let me explain, I interviewed my friend Dina Rodriguez (AKA Letter Shoppe) for an episode of Passive Income for Designers. She made a really solid point about getting good at stuff.

You can’t Frankenstein different images and ideas together. Sure, that can help you learn your craft.

But she said the most significant growth she ever experienced was when she tripled her daily output and looked at no source material.

No Dribbble. No Instagram. No drawing books. No Google images. Just her imagination.

I know that’s not wholly sustainable.

But what I did here isn’t either.

I saw a diamond in an old catalog. Then I looked at more diamonds on Dribbble. Then I drew this sort of Frankenstein diamond. But I feel gross about it.

I love the idea of combining things together to create something new. But I know, and you know what it feels like when things aren’t right.


It’s important we forgive ourselves for stupid stuff.

But something else I’ve noticed from this Instagram experience is that I tend to look at things through a bit too skeptical of a lens.

Between that and this book I’m reading (The Power of Vulnerability) that convinced me it’s true that you can only love others as much as you love yourself I forgive myself for this diamond.

Dustin, buddy, I release you from the guilt of a diamond that’s a little to close to other drawings of diamonds.

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