How to Turn First-Time Buyers into Long Term Customers

This November was RetroSupply’s biggest sales month ever. We had 1355 transactions. 613 were brand new customers.

You’ve probably heard the advice that an existing customer is 10x as likely as a prospect to purchase from you.

Personal experience with RetroSupply has told me this is true. A customer that has bought once is way more likely to buy again.

These customers result in reliable revenue, higher cart values, and an active community.

We want to invest a disproportionate amount of effort into creating repeat customers.

So what’s the best way you can turn first-time customers into repeat customers that can’t wait to consume everything you release?

Here are a few ideas that I’m planning on trying.

Incentivize a second purchase with an irresistible offer.

Many of my transactions happened over Black Friday weekend.

Customers are doing a lot more impulse buying and purchasing more items from a variety of different online shops.

In the Black Friday deal frenzy it can be easy for customers to forget your business. By creating an irresistible offer shortly after the first purchase you can burn my brand into customer’s brain cells.

Send a value-added follow-up email.

Customers often buy digital products and then never use them. It’s easy to do. Especially in the midst of the holidays.

Buy it. Get an endorphin rush. Get distracted by something.

Next thing you know your product has been forgotten and buried on your customer’s hard drive.

What if you send a value-packed email after the transaction? An email designed to motivate customers to try the product and see the usefulness of the product first hand.

Here’re some simple ideas for value-added emails:

  • Video tutorial.
  • Examples of amazing results from other customers.
  • Tips and tricks to use your product like a pro.

Send a greatest hits email.

Do you have tons of content and resources for your business that you never use anymore?

I know I do. Sometimes I look through all the content I’ve created and can’t believe how much of it isn’t being leveraged.

What if you created a greatest hits email that was so awesome it couldn’t be deleted?

Here’s some stuff you could include:

  • Your best articles (or share your favorite articles from others).
  • Links to useful freebies that are so good they’re worth paying for.
  • Link to a regularly updated “customer only” area that can only be accessed with the proper link. This incentivizes buyers to keep the email somewhere safe and refer back to it.


It’s worth investing the time in turning first-time customers into repeat customers.

So treat them good. Lavish them with value. You’ll be rewarded with loyal customers who will take care of you in return.



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