How to Use Frameworks to Solve Creative Problems

When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a songwriter/guitarist.

I spent hours in my room with my four-track writing music.

Many times it was a mystical experience to hear the instruments combine to create beautiful soundscapes.

But sometimes it was a frustrating struggle.

If the inspiration wasn’t there, I would have battles with my Martin acoustic, notepad, and four track.

The bummer part is it didn’t have to be so hard. We often attribute creativity with picking ideas out of the ether. But there are step-by-step formulas we can follow to generate fresh ideas, novel connections, and new insights.

How to Turn First-Time Buyers into Long Term Customers

This November was RetroSupply’s biggest sales month ever. We had 1355 transactions. 613 were brand new customers.

You’ve probably heard the advice that an existing customer is 10x as likely as a prospect to purchase from you.

Personal experience with RetroSupply has told me this is true. A customer that has bought once is way more likely to buy again.

These customers result in reliable revenue, higher cart values, and an active community.

We want to invest a disproportionate amount of effort into creating repeat customers.

So what’s the best way you can turn first-time customers into repeat customers that can’t wait to consume everything you release?

Here are a few ideas that I’m planning on trying.