Problem Agitate Solution Copywriting Formula

Problem Agitate Solution (PAS) is one of the most popular copywriting frameworks ever created. I’ve created my own little variation on it.


Present the problem your prospect is struggling with.


Poke at the problem until it’s visceral.


Expose the weaknesses in other solutions.


Share your solution to the problem.

Problem Agitate Expose Solution in Action

Problem. Do you feel exhausted during the day? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and you can’t regain your energy?

Agitate. Not only does poor sleep make your day miserable. Poor sleep also makes you 200% more likely to die of a heart related complication. Sleep truly is the hidden killer.

Expose. Doctors are quick to recommend vitamin B12 to increase energy. But what they don’t tell you is that half of the population may have difficulty converting folate (the magic energy in B12) into its active form. So you can pop B12 all day and waste your money!

Solution. Anyone struggling with energy should try the little known supplement L-Methylfolate. Just one high quality supplement a day can help you convert folate into energy from the first time you take it! Grab it now and reclaim your energy.

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