$68 Feu De Bois / Wood Fire Candle

Do you pay an absurd price for something?

Maybe you’re willing to pay $500 for incredible shoes. How about $100 for two incredible filet mignons? What about $10 for a bubble tea from the place where they make the tapioca balls every 48 hours from scratch?

I thought it would be fascinating to examine the last expensive purchase I made for emotional reasons. Enter Diptyque candles.

Diptyque sells absurdly expensive candles. We’re talking $68 for a small candle.

But they have one called Feu De Bois / Wood Fire Candle that captures the smokey, woodsy, smell of an open winter fireplace.

It reminds me of trips to my grandparent’s house in the countryside of Maine. Snow so deep that you had to dig a hole to the door that reminded me of a hobbit’s house. The smell of fresh chopped wood and the crackle.

The sound of my grandparents sitting with my mom and dad around a wooden kitchen table. Rum on grownups breath. Crunchy snow. The smooth matte finish of a frozen pond. A snow-covered bird feeder hanging outside the kitchen sink window.

The high-quality smell of the candle captures this feeling. There’s no cheap smell of aftershave or Douglas firs they claim is a wood fire. It’s just a very real smell of smoke-tinged with a layered but subtle wood smell.

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