Hi there,

My name is Dustin Lee. Here are some fun facts about me:

  • I’m a 36 year old dude from Vancouver, Washington (but I’m writing this from the Gold Coast in Chicago).
  • I own a graphic design goods shop called RetroSupply Co.
  • I own a site called Passive Income for Designers that helps designers and other creatives build a side hustle from their skills.
  • I attended the Vancouver School of Arts & Academics (which helped me make a living from creative stuff).
  • I was $35,000 in debt, making no money, and drank way to much beer. I made massive changes to my life and in 3 months had a $200,000+ a year online business. This was a mix of god, luck, and some skill.
  • I played guitar and served pretty good Mexican food at Who-Song and Larry’s Mexican Restaurant and Cantina for two years in my twenties. I probably learned more there than college.
  • I struggle with wicked panic attacks and anxiety disorder.